Skyrocket Orders for Your Shopify Shop with Our WPAppBuilder App

March 05, 2024

Now, converting your Shopify online store into a user-friendly mobile app has become easier as Webplanex has come up with the WPAppBuilder app that can turn your store into a mobile app and that too without coding. Just drag-and-drop and see the magic.

Key Benefits of the WPAppBuilder App?

  • No Coding Skills Required: WPAppBuiler is packed with drag and drop features that allow you to design your app despite limited or zero knowledge in coding.
  • Easy Access: Shopify’s mobile app allows customers to browse and shop conveniently from anywhere in the world using their smartphones.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The WPAppBuilder offers unique features and an intuitive interface that contribute to an improved mobile user experience.
  • Real-Time Sync with Your Online Store: Any changes on your online store, such as adding a new product, the app makes sure these updates are shown across all platforms with real-time sync.
  • Support for Multi Currency, Multi Language, and RTL: The WPAppBuilder’s multi-currency features allow customers to pay in the currency they are comfortable with. The multi-language feature and that too with RTL make it easier for customers with different languages to browse and shop conveniently.
  • Quick App Preview on iPhone and Android: The app owns exceptional preview code that helps connect your store directly with our native demo app, through which you can preview your real-time app changes.
  • Push Notification: The WPAppBuilder app provides customers with the Push Notification feature that allows direct and regular communication with customers regarding product updates, thereby engaging customers and boosting sales as well.
  • Integration with Third Party Apps: Integration with third party apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp,, Google Analytics,StoreLocator, and Visual search Shopix helps enhance the reach of your product and drive more sales.
  • Powerful Home Screen Builder: The WPAppBuilder facilitates you with a wide range of pre-built blocks to make your home screen appealing to customers. All you need to do is just drag-and-drop to design your home screen.


By integrating WPAppBuilder with your Shopify platform, you can effortlessly optimize the customer experience, thereby driving more sales.

WPAppBuilder offers a convenient way to individuals and entrepreneurs to create a custom Shopify app without any need for coding knowledge. With drag-and-drop functionality and a user-friendly interface, WPAppBuilder helps users bring their ideas to life affordably. This app builder plays a vital role in effortless app development and bringing innovation to the current digital scenario.

If you have any query regarding this app, feel free to contact our developers

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Answers to Common Queries

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To add new features to your Shopify store without having to know how to code, you may utilize our app builder with ease. You may design booking systems, quizzes, and loyalty programmes with the aid of the drag-and-drop tool. For complicated apps for your Shopify store, you can use pre-built apps or hire a developer.

No, coding knowledge is not required. From novices to specialists, users of all technical skill levels can utilize our app builder. It has a user-friendly interface that makes customizing apps a pleasure.

Yes, absolutely! The mobile app created with our builder is typically compatible with both iOS and Android. The codebase allows our builder to adapt to both platforms and make you reach a wider audience.

Of course! you can preview your app before publishing it to ensure whether it is functioning properly or not. You can install and test it at the Shopify free development stores.

Yep! Your mobile app built with our app builder will stay synchronized with your shopify store. Any changes you make in your shopify store will reflect in your app instantly.

No, publishing it straight from the app builder is not possible. It follows a specific procedure.
Mobile apps convert customer 2.3x higher than mobile websites.

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