How In-App Chat Can Drive Sales in Your eCommerce Mobile App

June 11, 2024
Boost Sales with In-App Chat for Your eCommerce App

In the rapidly evolving digital realm of today, mobile apps have become indispensable for businesses seeking to engage with their customers. Mobile apps are highly beneficial for e-commerce businesses as they provide customers with easy options to browse and buy products online.

Integrating in-app chat into your e-commerce mobile app is the best way to offer your customers outstanding customer service. In-app chat, also known as mobile live chat, is a functionality that enables customers to communicate directly with a business via the mobile app.

In this blog, we will discuss how in-app chat can increase sales in e-commerce mobile apps.

Why do You Need In-App Chat for your eCommerce Mobile App?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should integrate in-app chat into your e-commerce mobile app to drive sales.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Customers are above, after all, they are the ones who can make or break your business. Hence, giving them a delightful shopping experience should be the priority of every seller.

In-app chat stands out as among the most efficient and convenient means for customers to receive real-time answers to their product inquiries. Compared to other sources such as phone calls, emails, or social media, buyers prefer using chat to seek instant support.

In-app chat service eliminates the need for customers to wait any longer for a response; instead, they can simply send their queries and receive an instant reply. This improves customer shopping experience, which will result in increased sales.

Lower Bounce Rates:

In-app chat can play an effective role in reducing bounce rates. It's common for customers to experience sudden doubts while browsing through your products. However, relying solely on a separate support page, which is the conventional approach, may not be the most effective solution to address their concerns.

It interrupts their browsing experience, and customers are diverted from the PLP/PDP/Search results page, potentially resulting in a negative overall customer experience. In the end, they'll likely leave your app due to their waning interest in making a purchase.

However, with an in-app chat service, customers can get their inquiries resolved without delaying their ongoing shopping, resulting in reduced bounce rates.

Deepen Customer Engagement:

In addition to increasing engagement, in-app chat can also help build stronger relationships with customers. By providing instant solutions to customers' queries, you indicate that you value their time and care about their concerns. This could result in heightened brand loyalty and a higher rate of returning customers.

Enhanced Text Messaging:

This offers significant benefits for both your customer and customer support representative. Envision a situation where your customer needs clarification that would be best conveyed through an image.

In alternative communication channels, they have to send a separate email containing the image, potentially leading to unnecessary exchanges. Such issues are effortlessly circumvented within an in-app chat, where both customers and sellers can instantly share various types of content, including audio, video, or images.

Drive Conversions:

Every app owner aims for increased sales, which can only be achieved by converting app visitors into customers. Fortunately, many in-app chat solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM, either through direct or indirect means. Your chat support agents possess vast amounts of customer data, including recently viewed products, past purchases, wishlist items, and more.

They can analyze this information and recommend products with a higher likelihood of being purchased. As a result, the customer can effortlessly navigate to the recommended product's page by clicking on the link provided by the chat executive or chatbot. This implies that they will instantly access the product for purchase, potentially resulting in a favorable effect on conversion rates.

Seamless Implementation:

Integrating an in-app chat feature into your e-commerce mobile app is quite simple and uncomplicated. Numerous live chat website plugins and e-commerce live chat solutions exist, allowing easy integration into your mobile app with minimal lines of code.

Boost Sales:

In-app chat provides customers with hassle-free processes to make purchases thereby increasing sales for your business. In-app chat allows customers to inquire about a coupon code, request product pricing, verify stock availability, and even complete an order directly within the chat. This streamlines the purchasing process, potentially resulting in higher sales figures.

Minimize Operating Costs:

In-app chat services can significantly lower your operational expenses by eliminating the need for establishing a large-scale call center to handle customer inquiries. There's no requirement to invest in costly hardware or sophisticated software.

Additionally, You don’t need to allocate a special budget for recruiting hundreds of agents. In-app chat service can do multiple tasks single-handedly, which reduces your operating costs.


In sum, In-app chat establishes a direct communication line between customers and businesses, which allows customers to reach out directly for inquiries or clarifications as needed.

It helps e-commerce businesses to increase conversions, improve customer experience, reduce operating costs, lower bounce rates, and so on. It is quite simple when it comes to implementing any mobile app, making it the ultimate choice for businesses of all sizes.

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